Discovery Writing Box #1

             It is surely safe to say that everyone belongs to a subculture. They can help a person feel that they belong and to possibly further their interest in a certain subject whether it be sports or writing. However, subcultures do not only have to be about interests. A subculture could be defined by a geographic location, an ethnicity or a language. It is often true that people belong to more than one subculture.

            A subculture that I am a part of is the fashion community. What makes me included in the fashion community are my strong interest and the desire to pursue fashion in my life. In my case, I aspire to pursue fashion as a career. Just because this is my aspiration does not mean that it is the aspiration of everyone who is included in the fashion community. One could be a part of it because they love reading fashion magazines or even just because they love shopping. Simply put, those in the fashion community include a wide variety of individuals. There are certainly distinguishing characteristics that are shared among those in the fashion community. These include rituals, insider phrases, behaviors, and values.

            A common ritual that is shared among those in the fashion community is reading fashion magazines religiously. It can become quite an addiction- a feeling may ensue that you must know what is next in the fashion industry! Of course, magazines provide these answers. Fashion shows are often attended. These vary from being free to the public to only a select exclusive few in the fashion industry. For those who are interested in actually designing or drawing clothes, inspiration must be found. A popular way to put all inspirations together is by creating an inspiration board. Included on this board are usually pictures either taken or from a fashion magazine, different fabrics, colors, patterns, and sometimes actual artifacts like, perhaps, a feather or a cd to represent a style of music.

            While overhearing a conversation between two individuals involved in the fashion community, one may think that he or she knows what they are talking about. Do not get alarmed when the word “cut” is used. The designer or stylist is not going to cut up a garment; they are just talking about the width, length, and shape of it. If you are a designer in the fashion community, phrases that hold meaning to you are those such as silhouette, pattern, material (of fabric), line, collection, trends, and fads. Most of the time, designer’s do not want their line or collection of clothes to be a fad. A fad, in the world of fashion, is a fashion that is temporarily in the main stream of fashion. An example of a fad in the world of fashion is the purses with the owner’s initials on it.

            If you absolutely must get the attention of someone who is in the fashion community, either wear something that is a new, stylish trend, or wear something that is utterly tacky. Chances are, if you are wearing something plain and not exactly interesting, you will not be noticed by the “fashionista”. This, both fortunately and unfortunately, means that they often judge others by their clothes. It is only unfortunate because the wearer may not know or care about how they look, and that is just how they are. But it is hard for someone who cares so much about fashion not to make certain assumptions about a person just because they do not like their clothing choice.

            So much is valued by those in the fashion community. Beauty, perfection, inspiration, models, designers, clothing, art, fashion shows, music, and even imperfection are just a few things that are highly valued by those in the fashion world. Although not everyone in the world cares about fashion, they (being everyone) are a part of it, whether they like it or not or even know it.

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