Anotated Bibliography #1

Malwitz, R. (2010, August 22). College freshmen bring cultural differences with them. In My Central Jersey. Retrieved January 17, 2011, from

Author, Rick Malwitz, explains the idea that college freshmen have quite a few differences with their professors. With an edge of comedy, he goes over a list that is made every year by Beloit College. Included in this list are popular media events, people and phrases which are supposed to help professors understand the age gap that exists between professors and their freshmen students. A key point of this source is how with each year, professors are encountering more and more differences with freshmen as the age gap between the two. I enjoyed this source because it made the subject a bit funnier than one would think an article about an age gap between professors and their freshmen students would be. This source could be used to help me further study how the age gap between professors and freshmen potentially affects how well students are taught at East Carolina University. This article is written for the general public or those who are interested in college life. The style used is relaxed and informal. It is both meant to inform and entertain. Malwitz is a staff writer or journalist covering the information in this article. He does not seem to have any particular expertise on the subject of cultural competence. There are no other known affiliations that Malwitz is a part of other than There does not seem to be any author bias in this piece. However, since this piece is delivered in a positive way, it does lead me to believe that he thinks that the list provides a bridging of cultural divides, which would also mean that he thinks it is a useful tool. is an online news source, affiliated with Home News Tribune and Courier News that features local, state and national news stories. Their mission statement is very simple and doesn’t indicate a bias or political affiliation. The evidence that is provided is anecdotal to support the idea that a cultural divide does, indeed, exist between professors and their freshmen students. Malwitz provides quotations from his interviews that are from professors at various campuses. Since there are no interviews or quotations from actual students, it suggests that there may be some bias. The professors that were interviewed have attributive tags to indicate what they said, but there is no evidence to lead me to believe that other viewpoints or different ways of thinking are provided about the age divide.

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