Annotated Bibliography #2

Nikolic, I. (2007). House for the homeless: A place to hang your hat. In B. Sunstein & E. Chiseri-Strater, Feildworking: Reading and writing research (3rd edition) (pp. 45-54). Boston: Bedford/ St. Martin’s.

Author, Ivana Nikolic recalls her experience of working and researching in the local homeless shelter. She describes her own experience of being a refugee for eight years during the heat of the war in Bosnia when she was only thirteen, which is important in understanding her keen interest in the subject of those who are homeless. Nikolic strives to figure out why people in America are homeless. This source helps readers to understand why some people are homeless in America. It also shows some of the struggles that endure on an everyday basis. More importantly, it helps quiet the common assumption that everyone who is homeless is a drug addict, and alcoholic, or both. This source has helped me understand that not all homeless people are the same- that there are many who are homeless simply because they cannot keep or even get a job, especially with the economy the way it currently is. This information could potentially help me study those who are homeless or who have been homeless that are either students or faculty and staff members.

This source was intended for the general public and anyone who would like to have an insider’s look on being homeless. However, those who have been or are currently homeless may find this source more interesting. This source was written as a narrative. It is quite formal and meant to inform the general public about homelessness in America. The author is Ivana Nikolic- a student who studied a homeless shelter called Ramsey House, while also volunteering at it. Since she was once without a home, she is certainly qualified to write on the topic of homelessness. There are no known affiliations that exist with Ivana Nikolic other than her providing her research to be included in the textbook Fieldworking: Reading and Writing Research. Nikolic enters her researching with the bias generalization that all homeless in America are drug addicts or alcoholics. After her research is conducted, she realizes that there is quite a variety of reasons that people have for being in a shelter.

Bedford/ St. Martin’s publish a wide array of material including communication, English, history, philosophy and religion, and music and theatre. Bedford/ St. Martin’s mission statement indicates that they are sales people with relationships, not just accounts. They publish works for high school or college purposes.

Nikolic uses her own personal evidence that she acquired while volunteering and researching at the Ramsey House homeless shelter. Her evidence is quite convincing since she, herself, obtained it firsthand by talking with and interviewing the homeless that were staying at the Ramsey House, which also provides the alternate viewpoint of the homeless.

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